Merson: Arsenal Can Beat United


Merson: Arsenal Can Beat United

Coming to Arsenal’s hot match against Manchester United at the weekend which took place at the Emirates stadium, Paul Merson believes the Gunners are able to achieve perfect points

Such great confidence, because the club that he once defended was in his best performance. Proven two clubs are fairly difficult to conquer the Tottenham Hotspur, Burnley and Huddersfield Town managed to beat both when playing at home and away games.

As a result now the ruler in North London is entitled to be ranked fourth standings while the Premier League competition with 28 points package, and their chances to stay comfortable at the top will be wide open if able to conquer the team made by Jose Mourinho.

Even Reds London legend is convinced Olivier Giroud Cs will appear insistent throughout the match as shown at the time of shaving The Terries on Thursday early morning with a score of 5-0 without reply, and he also believes the eternal rival Spurs could reach 13 consecutive victories again previous.

“Arsenal’s home record is very frightening,” Paul Merson told the media.

“They can play insistently against anyone. Like they did against Huddersfield Town. ”

“I think Arsenal can win 13 consecutive matches. Where they will be in the top four. ”

“That way, I think tomorrow’s 2-1 win for Arsenal.”

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